When the glass masters take over the threads

Most artists have a domain in which they excel and in some brilliant cases they become masters and a reference in their discipline. This is the case with the Kosta Boda art glass artists: Erika Lagerbielke, Bertil Vallien, Kjell Engman, Martti Rytkönen and Anna Ehrner. They are some of the world’s leading glass artists and until now they have put their talent at the service of Kosta Boda glass factory. 

Kosta Boda is one of the world’s leading brands of glassware and art glass. Based in the middle of the forest, in the southern region of Småland, Sweden, they have been dedicated to glass production since 1742.

Each of these 5 Kosta Boda artists has a different personality and a different vision that without a doubt translates in their work. There is the softness of Anna Ehrner. Bertil Vallien’s strong and confident pieces. The unique pieces of Kjell Engman inspired by musical instruments.  Erika Lagerbielke and her art works inspired by the nature and the sober water inspired sculptures by Martti Rytkönen.  Five artists united by a common denominator: Glass. All have succeeded in giving this material a unique look and meaning thanks to their creativity and personal techniques.

When an artist masters an element it is not very often that he wanders out of his comfort zone but when this happens, the result can be amazing.

In a unique partnership between CarpetVista and Kosta Boda, Erika Lagerbielke; Bertil Vallien; Kjell Engman; Martti Rytkönen and Anna Ehrner have swapped glass for textile to create a unique collection of modern carpets. Every piece has been produced in a limited edition, knotted in India by hand using wool of the highest quality and accentuating the details with silk.

It is easy to fall in love with this collection. Each design has it's own personality and can add the perfect touch to your home whilst also being a great investment. Browse through the collection and find your favorite!

Picture 1Dance by Kjell Engman
Picture 2. Kosta Boda's glass artist from left to right: 

Martti Rytkönen, Bertil Vallien, Anna Ehrner, Kjell Engman & Erika Lagerbielke.
Picture 3Landing by Bertil Vallien

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